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Our professional team is dedicated to supporting trial participants as well as our clients; making the entire process a smooth and successful experience for all involved. We expertly handle all details from understanding the client’s needs, market, product nuances, and demographics; to interviewing and selecting the right trial participants.


Continuing with our commitment to providing a turnkey operation; we create custom programs and support procedures to keep participants motivated and get maximum product results for awe-inspiring testimonials.


To deliver legitimate, authentic, results-driven product testimonials and awe-inspiring before and after transformations to enhance infomercial effectiveness and drive sales for our clients.

Briana Michel Testimonial Producer

“Direct Response Testimonials was born out of the immense success I have with my private diet and healthy lifestyle clients. The Direct Response TV industry came calling in 2010 in need of a testimonial program manager. I now combine my passion for healthy living and my love for infomercial and live shopping production to help drive sales and create brand awareness through incredible before and after results. I have years of on-camera experience and always love the production side - now, with the help of my team we are able to do both...and very well I might add!"    


 - Briana Michel

Meet Our Team

Briana Michel

Founder/ Holistic Nutrition Coach/ Fitness Expert/ Host/ Testimonial Program Creator 


For the past ten years, Direct Response Testimonials, led by Producer, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Host and Fitness Expert, Briana Michel, has been providing global DRTV companies with impactful product results combining jaw-dropping body transformations with inspiring testimonials that call customers to action. 


We consistently accomplish successful outcomes through positive trial program creation, unique support services for group motivation, ongoing education for the most effective fat loss and good health results, seamless shoot day execution, organization and great communication with the client as well as aligning ourselves with a high-quality production team.


Briana has over fifteen years in the fitness and nutrition industry and over 10 years in DRTV . Her extensive knowledge and background enable DRT to also offer a high level of service to clients for creating effective fitness protocols and nutrition programs that can be used during the trial as well as included with the sale of the product or featured as an upsell. 


Briana is a highly sought after weight loss coach and infomercial testimonial producer quickly becoming known as the "Queen of  Results". Over the past eighteen years, Briana has been instrumental in helping thousands of people lose deadly fat, change their lifestyle habits, decrease medications and the need for frequent doctor visitations, create relief from lifestyle-related illnesses, increase work productivity, find balance and has made a strong impact in many communities. 


Briana is also a host/co-host, as well as serves as a professional testimonial for a wide array of products globally. She often writes the nutrition and recipe booklets for weight loss, fitness or kitchen products as well as designs and write workouts and workout filming scripts and is often asked to host fitness products. Contact her today. 

Arik Lindsay

Director Of Photography/Owner - Next30 Productions, Inc

Direct Response Testimonials is proudly able to service our clients who do not already have a production team in place for their project by offering the knowledge and skill of the award-winning Tampa, Florida based, Next30 Productions team.


They are able to provide the absolute best quality technology has to offer, at competitive rates by one of the more skilled teams in the business. They own an impressive stock of equipment and possess the knowledge to capture the best footage for your needs. They have over 30 years of combined experience in production and editing and over 18 Telly awards for their work. 

See their work here:

It Takes a Village...


We have had the privilege of making great connections with wonderful professionals in this industry. As a result, we are able to provide quality makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe and styling, model casting, location scouting, personal assistants for shoot days and kraft services. Please don't hesitate to discuss all your project needs with us. 


Your project is important to us. We will be in touch shortly!

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